Daily Challenge 15

Good morning! It’s SUNDAY!
Today’s challenges are relaxing and easy!
I challenge you to meditate for at least 5 minutes.

There’s many breathing videos and apps to use. Just 5 minutes of your time to stop and clear your mind and focus on your breathing! Maybe even put it into your daily routine!

Try using this app or find one of your own!
Smiling Mind App

Or try this video!
Cleansing Energy 5 Minute Meditation

5 Minuted Guided Meditation

Benefits of meditating:
– reduces stress
– improves concentration
– increases self-awareness
– increases acceptance
– practicing helps your heart and immune health

Next I’d like you to try a new podcast out!
Here’s a couple I’ve tried recently and recommend!

The Lively Show – Jess is all about self growth and helps you trust your intuition. You can listen on the site attached on the podcast link or on iTunes. She also has YouTube vlogs.

Let It Out – Katie is all about wellness and working on yourself! There’s many people that she speaks with and its all so relatable! Check it out!

Happy Sunday!
I truly hope you enjoy your day and its full of peace.
XO Samm


Daily Challenge 14

Happy Saturday everyone!

Since you may still be not on social media as much, you may not even see this challenge, that’s okay, you can catch up later! XO

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone today and wear something you normally wouldn’t. For me, it’s color! You may even have a few items in your closet you just never wear, grab one of those! We’ll talk about how it made you feel later to wear something you never would! I always joke about how I need to be on what not to wear..

I own pretty much all black and grey! I have a red sweater, a blue Doctor Who shirt, and the yellow one I bought just for today’s challenge.

The last part of today is to create a bucket list of some sort. Write down at least 20 things that you’d like to accomplish before a certain time, could be an age, the end of your life, etc. I created a 30 before 30 list a while ago. It’s nice to have a plan for fun things or things you think you’d never do but want to ASAP. I’m a visual person and seeing it written down will help me get it done!


I have finished my right sleeve, and ran a 5k color run since making this so I’ll be updating my whole list today with you guys!

I can’t wait to see your fun outfits and awesome lists!
XO Samm

Daily Challenge 13

It’s Friday!
I challenge you to minimize your phone use this weekend. Maybe uninstall the Facebook app or whatever you use most frequently and spend time with your family or do something for you like journaling.
Try to stay off of social media/technology as much as you can and enjoy life unplugged.

There will be little things you have forgotten to stop and notice.
There will be things that you forgot you love to do because of this new age we are in.

Just try it.

I also want to challenge you today after watching this video:

to spend at least 5 minutes repeating positive affirmations to yourself, whatever you choose them to be.
We all need to learn to love ourselves just a little more each day.
You deserve to FEEL amazing. Yes, YOU!

Until tomorrow..

XO Samm

Daily Challenge 12

Good morning!

Today’s challenge is to compliment a stranger.
Have you ever told someone you didn’t know something nice and then you just see their face light up?! I will always remember this time at the airport a guy looked like he was frazzled, he was about to walk out the doors.
I whispered to my husband “man, I love that guys shoes! Look at them!” then I even said something else to my husband “I should tell hi–”
Me to the random guy at the airport: “HEY DUDE I LOVE YOUR RED SHOES, SO COOL!”
That man smiled so big and yelled back “thank you!” I’m not sure why I hesitated at all because I’m usually never one to be quiet. Loud girl, here! HA.

Anyway, it may have a bigger impact on someone than you think by complimenting them. Maybe they’re having a really bad day, never get compliments, or just need a little pick me up. You’ll never know what’s going on, so if you like someones makeup, their hair, shoes, outfit, etc.
TELL THEM TODAY (& everyday of your life really)

At the end of the day today the last challenge is to cook a brand new meal!
Make something you’ve never ate before and maybe it’ll send you into a whole new world of new recipes and dinners for the week instead of the same ol’ hum drum stuff. I know I’m stuck in hum drum land for a while sometimes until I start searching new things and I found zucchini boats with quinoa! Changed my world!

So run off now and compliment a stranger and spend just a bit of time cooking a new meal!

XO Samm

Daily Challenge 11

Wake up, open your eyes, roll over, PUT YOUR FEET FIRMLY ON THE GROUND.
Say to yourself “Today is going to be amazing.”
Drink some water before that coffee/tea.

Today’s challenge is to not complain at all today. If you do make a complaint whether it be aloud or in your thoughts, you need to replace it with a positive and say that aloud.

The more you try to train your brain to think positively the faster it’ll come to you to think of something good instead of going straight to the bad.

Retraining your brain isn’t going to happen today, but if you try it all day long it just may be the start of something so wonderful!

Be a positive Patsy
not a negative Nancy.


Daily challenge 10

Today’s a big one, guys.

Let me tell you though, when I did it last week, it changed part of my life. My attitude changed at least 75%!

Today you’ll write a letter to someone in your life who has caused you pain, trauma, or hurt you in some way.

Tell them everything you’ve ever wanted. Let out all those feelings and forgive them.

Today is about YOU letting go and forgiving someone who may not be sorry. Remembering that forgiveness isn’t for them it’s for YOU and YOUR soul to start to heal.

Scratch the paper hard, scribble, underline, GET IT OUT!

Once you’ve written it all down then rip it up or burn it! Let that shit go. It’s freeing. I promise.

I felt like a weight was lifted! In the video I made you can physically see the difference as in the end I’m way more relaxed and happier looking.

SO GO! Write your heart out, cry, yell, and then forgive them, burn it/rip it, and move on.

Let me see those ripped up or burned letters!

Daily challenge 9

Happy Sunday!

Today you’re challenge is to go outside and get out of your house! Spend time playing with your kids, reading a book on your porch, going for a walk, whatever it is, be outside!

Next you’re going to get creative!

  • Coloring
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Drawing
  • Bullet journal
  • Writing

Being creative helps your brain in many ways! It helps you be a better problem solver and see things differently. If you get in touch with your feelings and use whatever creative idea you choose, it can identify and change negative thoughts and emotions linked with depression.

I hope everyone has so much fun with this & an awesome Sunday.